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Check out our blog page. It is updated several times per month with great articles, tips and information on various types of natural and alternative healing. Clear Koala is dedicated to providing you with current and relevant information so you have enough information to make the right choice in naturally treating and maintaining good health.

Natural Ingredients

Clear Koala is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. Our formula’s 5 key ingredients work together to deeply penetrate your muscles and joints to relieve inflammatory pain and improve circulation. Your skin will feel rejuvenated and relaxed after application.

Clear Koala

Clear Koala was originally designed to relieve the pain and cramping of shin splints, a very painful condition experienced by joggers and marathon runners. Since it’s creation, it has become so much more! Dive into our website to learn more about the healing properties of our products

Featured Products

  • 2 oz Bottle Picture of product and packaging $49.95

    This bottle of awesome and great smelling pain relieving spray contains approximately 300 sprays....

  • 4 oz Bottle Picture of product and packaging $69.95

    The 4 oz bottle is our best value, as it contains approximately 600 sprays. Since a typical appli...

  • 10 ml Roll On 10 ml Roll On $24.95

    Customers love this convenient roll-on and it is perfect for small area applications. It allows t...

  • 10 ml Pen Spray 10 ml Pen Spray $24.95

    This convenient pen spray contains approximately 80 sprays. It also fits well into your golf or g...

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