What is Arthritis and what are some of the symptoms?

When we're talking about diseases that are largely misunderstood, arthritis has to be on top of our list. The fact is that most people see arthritis as one, "isolated", disease, but the truth of the matter is arthritis is much more. Currently, arthritis is a term used to refer to any type of joint inflammation and conditions that affect joints, the tissues that surround the joints and other connective tissues.  It is believed that there are over 100 different types of arthritis and conditions.

Sadly, almost anyone can wind up with this disease. It doesn't matter if you're male or female, how old are, or the color of your skin. Currently, more than 50 million adults and a 1/2 million kids are reported to suffer from some type of arthritis in the United States alone. It's also more common for women to develop arthritis and it typically progresses with age.

The most common symptoms of arthritis are nagging discomfort, swelling, and stiffness. Symptoms may come and go, and vary in intensity. This means pain levels may vary from mild to extreme, remain constant for many years or get progressively worse with time.


As with so many other diseases, there isn't one single definitive cause of arthritis. Depending on the type, causes may include injury that eventually leads to degenerative conditions, a somewhat abnormal metabolism or a deficiency within the immune system. In most cases, arthritis can be linked to a combination of various factors, but arthritis simply doesn't have a single or obvious cause. Arthritis can also be unpredictable and flare up to various levels of intensity. These same flare-ups may also occur without warning. Arthritis may be brought on simply due to genetics, we don’t know for sure. Other contributing factors may include infections, smoking, previous injuries or diet; all of which increase the risk of this disease and how it can affect the body.

Another area of study is the effect some foods have on arthritis; especially our modern day altered or modified foods. It is thought that some specific foods may directly cause or “feed” arthritis. Nutrition does indeed play a huge role when it comes to increasing or decreasing chances of developing or aggravating arthritis. It is also believed that consuming certain foods can create inflammation, and constant or prolonged consumption of these foods may intensify the symptoms. Eating foods containing refined sugars or preservatives as well as night shade vegetables are also thought to be a potential cause or make symptoms worse. A word to the wise, be careful, and also be aware that consuming these foods occasionally doesn’t mean you will contract arthritis.

Can Arthritis Be Cured?

Sadly for sufferers of this horrible and painful disease, there is no definitive cure either. Symptoms and pain levels can often be managed, progression may often be slowed, but for the most part there is no known cure. This may sound bad, but it’s not hopeless. The fact is, you can fight arthritis. Arthritis is somewhat manageable and if you're committed, persistent and willing to do everything in your power to make your specific situation better, can lead to an acceptable quality of life. Fighting arthritis and its symptoms means reducing inflammation, slowing or even stopping disease progression, thereby minimizing joint pain. Also another thing to keep in mind is that mobility and joint function must be maintained through proper movement. Depending on the activity, movement can be both friend and foe.

To assist you in battling this disease in the best way possible, we've prepared the top seven best ways to deal with arthritis. We are certain that some of these tips will assist you in dealing with arthritis and improve your overall health.

1) Taking Medication

Once you noticed symptoms of arthritis it is strongly suggested you visit a doctor. It is likely that you will be prescribed medication from him or her. These medications are often necessary to manage the symptoms and decrease disease progression, however mainstream medications often only mask symptoms. Know what you are taking, what it actually does before accepting it as a proper solution. Natural alternatives such as Clear Koala may provide a better or additional solution. Many people lose hope once they're diagnosed with this painful disease, and are prone to eventually forget about their medication or fail to follow a doctor or qualified healer’s advice. Thinking nothing can help them; either accidentally or on purpose they quit monitoring the way they feel and following sound advice. Ignoring sound advice may prove to be a huge mistake and increase pain levels and disease progression.

All this being said…the second part of this might seem ridiculous to some of our readers, but we think everyone should be open-minded to alternatives; some people might even be pleasantly surprised. Here’s the thing… taking some of the medications today tends to be a little bit risky. A great alternative, and possibly one of the first things to try is “Mother Nature”. Throughout history and across all cultures, natural products have always been seen as effective when it comes to treating any disease. It shouldn't come as a surprise that even today, products containing plant based ingredients known for their healing properties are an amazing way to relieve pain and since they're all-natural, they don't offer many risk or side effects. Clear Koala has helped relieve the pain and stiffness associated with inflammatory types of arthritis. Keep in mind though, not all pain from arthritic joints is caused by inflammation.

2) Healthy Diet is a Must

A healthy diet is always recommended, regardless if you're sick or not. A healthy diet is preventative when you are healthy, and aids in the bodies ability to heal when you are sick, so, it's a no brainer that people who suffer from arthritis simply have to pay attention to what they're putting into their bodies. We recommend you visit a professional who can explain and suggest the best foods when it comes to reducing inflammation. Even if you run into obstacles in the beginning, you'll soon get a handle on it and contribute to your overall health.

3) Start Exercising Regularly

Just like food, exercise and being physically active are extremely important for everyone. As stated earlier, if you plan on winning the battle against arthritis, be the best and strongest version of yourself that you can be. This means creating a workout program to keep the muscles around your joints strong and tight without promoting pain or further injury. Also, once you start exercising regularly, you should experience a boost in energy and strength. That’s a plus right?

4) Get Good Sleep

Poor or interrupted sleep can be a serious issue for people suffering with arthritis. The body does its best healing when at rest. Rolling over on an arthritic joint often results in waking up. Applying a topical like Clear Koala after a warm bath or shower and just before bed may prove very beneficial.  Things also can take a turn for the worse when we take into consideration that many people choose to take medications with side effects that may cause adverse sleeping conditions. Getting mentally worked up about contracting the disease itself and having to adjust their lifestyle to deal with the pain causes some people to give up searching for ways to manage it; thereby “losing sleep over it”… Again, the body does much of its healing while resting or sleeping properly. So if you find yourself not getting enough restful sleep, please take this seriously and visit your doctor or natural healing practitioner and discuss how to start sleeping restfully. Good results may be felt immediately.

5) Protect Your Joints

Arthritis is a term that we use to describe swelling, inflammation and tenderness of one or multiple joints in our body. So, it goes without question that it is important to pay extra attention to your joints during daily activities. If it seems there is little chance you will irritate or injure the joints in any way during work or everyday activities, those movements and activities are likely to be safe. Be very careful however and make sure not to create unnecessary joint stress by over-lifting, jarring or pounding, hyperextending or repetitive movement involving any of the previous mentioned activities.

6) Lower Your Stress Levels As Much As Possible

Even though taking care of your body is a priority during this battle, you simply cannot forget about your mind as well. People often misjudge just how important mental health is and how much a poor mental state can negatively affect our bodies. This is why you should take advantage of every available moment to de-stress and whenever possible. Do what you love, avoid people and things that can put you into a negative state. Find ways to relax and de-stress that result in positive awareness that your health is the most important thing you can protect and simply stay away from those things that put it at risk.

7) Say Yes and Say No To Something Every Day

This might seem a little confusing at first, but it's extremely simple. Improving your health and overall life means that you need to have a perfect balance. This means that you'll have to learn how to pace yourself correctly and not overdo things that bring undesirable results or stress. For everything you agree to do during the course of the day, find things you can or are also willing not to do. For example, don’t take excessive amounts of work home with you. Balance work and free time. Instead of loosing yourself in work, go for a walk in the park; go hiking in the mountains, woods or at the beach. Better yet, take your dog for a walk. The dog will love spending time with you and it will do you both some good. The actual activity doesn't matter, just find something healthy that relaxes you, and I’m certain you'll feel much better mentally and physically.



Bottom Line

Fighting any disease can be a struggle, especially those that have no known cure. Also realize that when you give up immediately, you aren't doing yourself or your loved ones any favors. Keep in mind that every day is a battle that needs to be won to survive and live a life full of enjoyment, happiness and prosperity. When you start doing the aforementioned actions and include them in your daily routine, you have already provided yourself with wonderful ways to improve the quality of your life… It’s the first step to victory.