How many of us really enjoy the great outdoors? Most humans do, we might like the warmth of the sun hitting our skin, we might like the cooling effect of a gentle breeze on a warm day. We might like the spray of a gentle rainstorm hitting our bodies on a hot summer afternoon, not to mention all the outdoor activities we all love to participate in. Sunbathing on the beach gives us 2 health benefits we probably never think about simultaneously… no wonder so many people jump at the opportunity to go to the beach. Whatever takes us outdoors, we know it’s good for us. How good you might ask?

  • Being in the sun helps our bodies produce vitamin D to support our immune system.
  • Fresh air is great for our lungs, providing healing oxygen to every cell in our bodies
  • The activities we participate in keep our muscles and organs working as they were designed to work.
  • Our minds are free to de-stress taking in pleasing sights.

These are but a few of the benefits of being outdoors, but there is one aspect I bet you never thought about. Have you ever stopped to question why people take off their shoes and walk on the beach? Yes… one reason may be they don’t want to ruin their shoes, but in reality, it just makes us feel good. Why? Because we are grounding our body to the earth. Why is this important? It’s important because our bodies function on electrical impulses. Every thought you think, every muscle movement you make, every breath you take is caused by an electrical impulse. Grounding or as they often call it in the automotive industry “negative earth” completes the electrical circuit. Without it, energy has no place to go, and typically does nothing. This is a pretty basic explanation, but it does illustrate a simple point. By having our bodies in contact with the earth, energy is free to travel where it needs to within the body, eventually reaching “ground” thereby creating a sort of balance.

A classic example of our bodies “grounding” is living in a “dry” climate, walking across a floor, whether it be carpet, synthetic wood or vinyl flooring, reaching for the kitchen faucet and getting “bit” by static electricity… just by touching the faucet. This typically is more prevalent when we are wearing shoes with insulated soles. I live in the desert… and prefer not to wear shoes in the house for that very reason. Our shoes today are mostly made of synthetic materials, where not so long ago, shoes had leather soles. Leather, especially when the soles are wet, have very poor insulating qualities allowing some electrical communication between the body and ground. Walking bare foot on wet grass, wet sand or in shallow water is really the best method of grounding, but wearing appropriate footwear is on a regular basis is beneficial to a point.

Grounding can also vary by the type of earth below your feet as well. For example… Salt water is more conductive than fresh water and provides a better ground. Walking or standing in wet grass or mud in bare feet is also very beneficial, but any way you can connect skin to the earth has benefit.

Earlier, I ended the paragraph with the word “balance”. Even today many cultures talk about becoming “one with the earth”, or balancing the Yin and the Yang. All things, even inanimate objects such as rocks vibrate at what is called “resonant frequency”. Without going into detail, we have all heard of healing with crystals. Here is something else… as a child I learned that when building a crystal radio I needed to get a crystal to vibrate at the right frequency to pick up a radio station. I also remember the tuning fork experiment in science where we took a tuning fork in each hand, tapped one to make it “sing” and bringing the two tuning forks close together only to find that they synchronized, and began vibrating at the same frequency. This is a simple example of balancing.


Why is energy balance important in the body? Because by being properly grounding the resonant frequency of the earth and the body begin to synchronize and become balanced. When the body is balanced with nature, it performs at its best. I do know this sounds a little weird in today’s scientific world, but science, and medicine actually support this theory, and while grounding is not thought to be important by many western medicine practitioners, it is still widely used in other parts of the world. In Europe for example, walking on wet grass in your bare feet oftentimes in public parks is commonly practiced.

Mother Nature practices grounding daily. Lightning is her way of balancing energy. Lightning strikes happen someplace in the world every day. While lightening may seem scary at times, think about how good the air smells after a lightning storm. In a lightning strike, the earth’s surface is charged and retains negative electrons making it a great source for our bodies to ground to.

In today’s world, we are bombarded by EMFs (electro-magnetic fields) from literally all directions. Then how should we ground and how often? Let’s answer the second part of this question first. We have wiring in our homes and even our cars creating electromagnetic fields around us. We have appliances in our homes, TV and radio signals in the air. There are signals and frequencies surrounding us constantly we can’t even identify. We do not know for example how the new 5G frequency is going to impact our bodies. We are told it is safe, but only time will tell. So to answer the question… we should ground as often as possible.


Obviously we can’t run around barefoot every waking hour. So referring back to the first part of the question; there are products you can purchase or even make yourself to help you ground as often as possible. They are called grounding or earthing pads. They are a simple grid of wires connected to “ground” either to a rod driven into the earth and connecting a wire to it, or using the round terminal on a household plug to connect to the earth via the existing house wiring. Laying, sitting or standing on these pads with the grounding wire will, in fact, give you an energy path to ground.

Here is something else to think about…You spend about 1/3 of your life sleeping. Your bedroom has wiring in it, you have appliances and devices plugged in all around you as you sleep. Some people sleep with electric blankets or heating pads. All of these things bombard your body with EMFs. A great solution might be to have a grounding mattress pad on your bed. That way, you don’t even have to think about grounding. Food for thought… right?

Regardless whether you feel the information in this article makes sense or not, try grounding by taking that stroll in the wet grass, or on the beach and judge for yourself and if for no other reason than it just feels good… it certainly can’t hurt, Right? If on the other hand you see merit in grounding, do some research and find what works for you. Just being outdoors is a simple way to improve life and wellbeing… and it feels GOOD!