What is Colloidal Silver? 
Colloidal silver can be described as an alternative therapy that has been used for centuries as what we now call antibiotic or anti bacterial. People have used colloidal silver as an effective treatment for various infections and diseases for hundreds of years. Colloidal Silver is best described as tiny particles of silver suspended in a liquid.
Colloidal silver is once again, gaining popularity in holistic health circles and can be taken and used for different purposes. Although there is little or no solid evidence or studies to suggest what clear health benefits there may be for colloidal silver, it has been used successfully for treating and preventing infection and healing wounds for hundreds of years.
Colloidal silver that is available for commercial purposes today does vary in strength depending on production. It may vary from 10 PPM to 2000 PPM. This refers to the quantity and size of the silver particulates contained in the solution.

History Of Colloidal Silver 

 Old Pharmacy

Before the introduction of modern antibiotics, colloidal silver was commonly used as a germicide and disinfectant. In the early 1930's, colloidal silver was the preferred method of treatment by physicians to boost immunity and treat infection. It was even used on infants to prevent infections after delivery. 

Sadly, its popularity has been adversely affected by the introduction of modern day antibiotics.

Areas Where Colloidal Silver Has Been Effective

Historically doctors realized colloidal silver’s benefit and effectiveness and it was found to be effective on nearly all open wounds. It was commonly used on surgical and battlefield wounds and as a topical treatment, applied to bandages for dressing burns and skin infections.

There appears, however, to be little or no real medical affirmation by the medical profession today as to the health benefits and effectiveness of colloidal silver. I have heard however of several medical doctors that were totally aware of it, and while they were not prescribing it, also did not discourage it’s use. There are various colloidal silver products sold on the market today that sellers and manufacturers claim to have health benefits. For example, it can be found in some toothpaste to treat gum disease.

How Colloidal Silver Works

It is popularly known that colloidal silver has wide antibacterial and antiseptic effects when consumed orally or placed in a wound or skin infection.

Not only can colloidal silver be used topically when taken properly, it can be taken orally. Taking too much orally, or for extended periods of time (especially non-commercially produced, home made colloidal silver) can turn skin a blue-gray color. This really should not be a concern if taking recommended potency and dosages. It requires consuming massive amounts for extended periods of time to turn you blue, but as a precautionary note; the blue color is permanent and cannot be reversed.

Colloidal silver is said to attach to proteins available in the cell walls of the respective bacteria. This damages the cell membranes, allowing the silver ions to pass into the cells and disrupt the metabolic process of the bacteria. This damage to the bacteria’s DNA results in destroying the bacteria itself. A significant factor that impacts the effectiveness of colloidal silver is the size of the particles and their concentration in solution. This is to say that a solution that has more tiny particles releases more silver ions. The silver ions do become released once the silver particles come into contact with moisture. It is when this occurs that the medicinal properties are realized.

How Colloidal Silver is administered

As mentioned before, Colloidal silver may be taken either orally or used topically depending on the type and location of the bacteria or virus. Most products containing colloidal silver today are taken orally. However other methods of applications may be in the form of a spray, are applied directly to the skin or sore; in rare cases even injected into the blood stream. Of course, it should go without saying; never use colloidal silver on your own without first seeking the direction of a medical or holistic professional.
The dosage prescribed for administration of colloidal silver depends of many aspects. These aspects include the concentration of silver particles, the age, weight and health status of the patient.

Top Uses Of Colloidal Silver

1. Immune Systems and Inflammatory Pain
There are many people across the globe suffering from inflammatory pains. There are various kinds of inflammatory pains, depending on the part of the body that suffered infection or injury.
It is referred to as immune system inflammatory pain since this is a natural way for the body to respond to injuries. It should also be mentioned that pain and inflammation may be there to protect us. The issue, however, is that natural long-term inflammation can cause problems in the end. One could suffer symptoms of immune system inflammatory pain that is severe and thus impacts their ordinary and daily tasks. In other cases, inflammation can be so severe that one must seek medical attention. Colloidal silver has been known to help relieve and prevent this type of pain and discomfort. Proper use of colloidal silver in conjunction to using a great topical pain reliever like Clear Koala may provide a non-pharmaceutical solution to pain relief caused by inflammation.
Colloidal silver, in many instances, has also been linked to providing relief for immune system inflammatory pain in joints. Since ancient times, colloidal silver has been known for its therapeutic effects, and has been associated with the reduction of inflammatory irritation and swelling. It is believed to work in a way that increases the range of movement and hence relieve pain.

2. Skin Conditions
Colloidal silver is said to have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that can kill a wide range of bacterial and fungal infections on the skin. There are a number of skin conditions whose remedies have been associated with colloidal silver, including acne and eczema.
Colloidal silver was used to take care of skin conditions even before the introduction of penicillin. It is believed to have abilities to fight bacteria and yeast that are major causes of skin infections.

3. Managing Eczema
Eczema comes with many symptoms, including skin irritation and inflammation. With the natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of colloidal silver, the use of essential oils like those found in Clear Koala can minimize such symptoms.
Eczema is typically caused by pollutants acting as irritants and are aggravated by the presence of things like chemicals, dust, pollen and heat, among others. Acting as an antioxidant it is suggested that colloidal silver may be used to protect your skin from damage and triggers to conditions such as eczema and acne.

4. Wound Healing

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There are many studies to suggest the effectiveness of colloidal silver in dressing skin ulcers and wounds. With the antibacterial properties it is believed to have, it is said to aid in the treatment of bedsores, skin grafts, diabetic ulcers and skin injuries.Topical ointments that contain silver particles are said to reduce skin inflammation at the time of healing and speed the regrowth of the skin. This implies that the use of products containing colloidal silver particles has a significant impact on the treatment of wounds.

5. Anti-fungal
Treatment of fungal infections can be quite a challenge. Colloidal silver is said to have anti-fungal properties that give it the ability to treat some fungal infections. Many people, including medical practitioners, believe that colloidal silver is a powerful anti-fungal. This is to mean that it can be used as a remedy for infections such as ringworm and thrush to name a few.
Colloidal silver also has a history of being successfully used as an active germ-fighter, reported to help improve the body's immunity and defense against infections. Colloidal silver is said to penetrate the damaged skin upon application and gets rid of the fungi that are responsible for the infections and aid in the repair of damaged skin.

6. Antibacterial
The mineral silver has been known to have an amazing ability to fight and kill pathogens. Could it be that Kings, Queens and Royalty that drank from silver cups and chalices may have been healthier for doing so?  I have read that it was a common practice to place a silver coin in milk to keep it from spoiling. It may also have been used in the recent past to destroy the kind of pathogens that have grown resistant to antibiotics.

7. Prevention and Killing Off Viruses 


Colloidal silver has been used in supplements and thought to be a natural remedy to stop viruses. Experts think that this works by interfering with enzymes that give viruses and bacteria the ability to utilize oxygen and grow, resulting in the 
virus suffocating and killing them. Could this be effective in the treatment of the recent Corona virus, common cold and flue?


8. The treatment and Prevention of Sinus Infections and Allergies 

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There are reports to suggest that colloidal silver can help with sinus infections and allergies. In many cases, respiratory inflammations are as a result of allergies and asthma.Colloidal silver is said to destroy causes of such infectionsthat are even resistant to drugs. Using several drops of colloidal silver in a neti pot as a sinus flush or rinse can be an effective way to treat a sinus infection or irritation or allergy.

9. Boosting Immunity
It is vital that the body has a strong immune system in order to fight diseases. Individuals with weak immune systems are typically vulnerable and at risk for various types of infections. Colloidal silver is believed to be an ideal immunity booster. It is for this reason that I associate it with the prevention of common cold and cases of flu. It is also said to be a remarkable remedy to fight against bronchitis and pneumonia.

10. Coating Endotracheal Tubes 

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The silver coating on endotracheal breathing tubes has deemed effective in reducing the risks of contracting pneumonia associated with ventilator. Also, a drop or 2 in the humidifier tank of a CPAP machine may also be a good idea.


11. Drug Interactions
Some clinical studies show colloidal silver has been known to interact positively with different medications. This has been reported to increase the effectiveness of some drugs while reducing side effects. There has been significant improvement in the amoebicidal effects of drugs conjugated with colloidal silver as compared to those without.

Other Uses Of Colloidal Silver
There are many other reported benefits of colloidal silver that have been provided by various manufacturers. This includes the use of silver in water purification and the prevention of growth of bacteria and algae. There are no clear known side effects of colloidal silver (other than turning blue) that have been scientifically proven. Long-term use of the products, however, can result to build up in your body tissues. Typically, this is not anything that poses a threat to your health conditions.
Before consuming any product containing colloidal silver, it is essential that you first gather solid information. This is to help you make an informed decision concerning your health. For patients with inflammatory pain, ensure that you seek guidance from a qualified health practitioner before resorting for any natural remedy.