How Inflammation Can Impair Your Sleep

Inflammation is a natural, protective response of the immune system. When inflammation occurs, the immune system goes into a type of combat mode to deal with foreign pathogens that put the body's health at risk. Viruses, bacteria, and toxins responsible for creating disease and illness are targeted to help the body overcome these pathogens and the injuries they may cause. The body may experience fever, chills, swelling, redness, pain and stiffness, and fatigue. These are all signs that the body's immune system needs to be activated to fight and neutralize threats.

Herein lies the problem; sometimes inflammation occurs with "unusual" frequency or at inappropriate times and no external threat is present. In these cases, inflammation, which is the immune system's response to fight off foreign pathogens, may attack the body's healthy cells and tissues. Rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus are examples of autoimmune diseases that develop in part because of an excessive and misdirected inflammatory response.

Associated with chronic inflammation, is the development of diseases such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. In this chronically inflamed state, the body's immune system is in perpetual combat mode, activating the cells that fight these diseases, with no external threat to defend. Over time, these fighting cells can wear down, even attack and cause damage to healthy cells and organs as well as other healthy parts of the body ultimately leading to chronic disease.

Studies aimed at determining the causes of inflammation seem to indicate that what triggers excessive, unhealthy and chronic inflammation, is a weak or deficient diet of antioxidants and inadequate rest due to stress.

So…How Does Inflammation Affect Sleep?

Inflammation changes the way the brain processes and regulates signals and sleep. When the body struggles with inflammation, it requires much more energy, which ultimately means the body requires more rest to fight inflammation. The more inflammation there are in the body, the more trouble there will be sleeping. You have to reverse inflammation to sleep well; it's a necessity.  So how do you reverse this to get a good night's sleep?

It is usually something that may take awhile to realize. When we were young, most of us could perhaps eat whatever we wanted and nothing really happened. The body reacted well, processed the food at the appropriate time. Over time, due to abuse or deficiencies, we may have begun to feel the discomfort after eating and it lasted well into the night. Then one day… it just never went away.

Inflammation is discomfort that we sometimes learn to endure, which, when it exists during the hours of sleep, becomes one of our worst enemies. Inflammation is a double edged sword.It is not only the body’s way to rid itself of damaged cells, viruses, bacteria and more; all of which threaten your health. It is also true that when inflammation and its associated pain does not go away, it causes many sleep disorders. Here are just a few:


There are times when inflammation simply causes pain that interferes with sleep. For example, someone with arthritis may feel pain in their joints and it simply prevents them from falling a sleep. They may roll over on an arthritic shoulder or hand, disturbing the quality of sleep, waking them up or even preventing sleep entirely.

In cases like these, pain management by using Clear Koala’s blend of 5 quality essential oils before bed and especially after a hot shower or bath may prove to be quite effective. This is because of its anti-inflammatory properties, which are ideal for relieving rheumatic, muscular, and arthritic pain. Clear Koala is also antibacterial, an antiseptic, as a topical, is a decongestant and is purifying and refreshing. It also is used to prevent injury that may disrupt sleep. Most of us older folks have woken up in the morning with a stiff neck or shoulders. It is often described as “I must have slept on it wrong”. For those of us that experience this annoying syndrome more often than we would like, an application of Clear Koala before bed may prove to be quite effective.


Stress is a universal evil for many of us. Some people live stressed by their thoughts, especially at bedtime. Stress is not always "in their head," however, as hormones, chemicals, and inflammation can be chipping away at them when they are awake. With all the strife in the world that the news media just loves to bombard us with, watching news before bed can put unwanted stress into the sleep process that ultimately is needed and used to recover from the stress of the day. Often, this stress may build for days, weeks or even longer. Just the idea of escaping those stresses sounds good, so why put additional worry and stress into your head right before sleep?

Inflammation can cause the stress hormone, cortisol, to increase its levels at night. Cortisol levels should be low to insure a good night's sleep. Sleep quality can also be managed through use of an essential oil that balances body and emotions. Clear Koala not only is a pain reliever, many people report that the pleasing fragrance of eucalyptus has a relaxing property as well and helps open up the sinuses, thereby making breathing easier.

3.Change Your Brain Chemistry

The hypothalamus is a part of the brain responsible for much of what happens while you sleep. Not sleeping well has been thought to be a probable cause or major contributor of fibromyalgia, which is pain in the muscles, nerves and fibrous tissue. I’m not sure anyone really knows what causes fibromyalgia, but constant studies are being conducted to learn more about this disease that affects so many people differently

If you suspect that this could be happening to you, look into the healing properties of grape seed oil.  Grape seeds have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that will help reduce pain, improve metabolic health and promote cardiovascular function. It is said to work very well on atherosclerosis and more. Also click here to learn more about improving sleep by mixing up this great "bedtime drink" to enhance sleep quality while adding healing nutrients.

4. Moving While Sleeping or Falling Asleep

Inflammation is often accompanied by pain and swelling, and can cause difficulties falling asleep or waking up with limited movement or discomfort. Often the body just needs a little help dealing with pain and inflammation discomfort. For that, nothing is better than Aloe Vera, which has long been used for its beneficial health properties and is a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Aloe Vera and its derivatives have been used for thousands of years as an anti-fungal, anti-viral, antibacterial, and for all around wound healing. Aloe Vera is commonly used for treatment of an inflammatory condition that often prevents a good nights sleep… Sun burn. Next time you have difficulty falling asleep due to too much sun, try Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is one of the 5 key ingredients found in Clear Koala which may be just what you need to get a great nights sleep.


Did you know that inflammation can be caused by allergies or by breathing pollen or dust? When breathing to becomes difficult, it may cause snoring. Snoring can happen for a variety or reasons… it could be sleeping position or just being really tired, but also may be caused by something as simple as an allergy. Inflamed sinuses and nasal passages, throat irritation can all cause snoring. Head and neck position caused by using the wrong pillow can also cause snoring.

You may think that when you are snoring you are in a deep sleep. Quite the contrary, The body is struggling to get the air it needs to promote restful sleep. Sleep apnea for example is an extreme condition experienced by many, and in addition to the breathing issues sleep apnea can cause inflamed sinuses and sore throat.  Keep in mind… inflammation is natural up to a point, but you should never let it impact you in a negative manner.

How Can Visiting This Website  Improve Your Sleep?

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