In the world of fitness and sports, it's natural to hear phrases such as, "Pain is weakness leaving the body." It's natural to feel some muscle soreness when you're starting a workout routine or learning to play a new sport for the first time. However, if you overwork yourself, you could end up causing yourself unnecessary inflammatory pain.

Often, as we get older, we wind up with arthritis. The remedies and creams we use to help alleviate the pain can irritate our skin. These creams may also leave a potent smell, letting people know when we're coming their way. Smelling like medicine can often become embarrassing when we are afflicted with severe inflammatory pain.

We can have the same issue with sports injuries. We don't want the medicine smell for sports injuries. However, there is one product that has what most people consider a pleasing scent. One with natural ingredients and gives natural pain relief without feeling like you've numbed out your joints. This product will not only relieve your pain, but you can use it to prevent pain before you begin playing your favorite sport. That product is Clear Koala.

What is Clear Koala?

Clear Koala is an essential oil spray made in the State of Nevada. It uses natural ingredients like eucalyptus oil, aloe vera, grape seed oil, jojoba, and vitamin E that have been carefully sourced from various parts of the world. When your body begins to absorb the oil it begins relieving pain fast. This long lasting formula is not only effective, the scent of eucalyptus usually disappears within a few minutes, so no one has to know you are using a topical pain reliever.

Clear Koala was first formulated to relieve the pain of shin splints in runners and athletes. Some runners and athletes develop this condition in their legs creating a lot of debilitating pain. Over time, the product started being used as not only a pain reliever but as a preventative measure as well, being applied before people start playing, working or exercising. The company takes pride in their customers reporting back how the product has helped people in ways they never considered.

For athletes dealing with inflammatory pain after a game, this product is easy to use to keep the pain at bay. It is quick and easy to apply during a game or event as well. Here are three ways to make sure you get the pain relief you deserve:

  1. Apply a few sprays of the product before you begin.
  2. Spray it the moment you get the pain and then keep playing.
  3. Apply it again after the workout or event.

It doesn't matter which method you use to get the pain relief you deserve, use only one method or use them all.  Simply use it as necessary, you will find a little goes a long way. The natural ingredients will work fast, without side effects, so that you can get back in the game more quickly.

Before the game

Tennis players often experience a condition known as “tennis elbow”, football and basketball players alike are prone to knee issues every time they play their respective sports. If you're likely to experience joint pain, Clear Koala can help you manage your joint pain before you play.

Before you participate in your favorite sport, spray Clear Koala on the affected area. The all-natural ingredients will work together as a preventative measure. Your skin will absorb the oil fast. Concentrate on your performance and not your pain. You’ll be surprised at how quickly Clear Koala essential oil spray works to help prevent the pain in your joints and muscles.

As mentioned before…Clear Koala lasts a long time once you apply it. Everyone’s body is different, many athletes experience pain relief long after the game is over. Play at your peak performance and play as long as you like and do it painlessly.

During the game

Sometimes, you won't get pain until you play. Sometimes, you can power through it. Sometimes, the pain is so severe you could find yourself sitting out of the game for a while. Bring a bottle of Clear Koala with you when you go to an event. Nothing in it is “banned” or deemed to be a “performance enhancer” it is simply made from nature’s best pain relieving ingredients. Just as with the preventative method, spraying the injury when it happens will reduce the pain and inflammation quickly, keep applying as needed.

Types of minor injuries Clear Koala is most effective on

No matter how seasoned an athlete you are, at some point in your athletic career you're going to experience an injury. Some are easy to treat, while others could take a little longer to heal. Here are some of the most common injuries from sports.

  1. Hip flexor strain
  2. An ACL tear or strain
  3. Concussion
  4. Groin pull
  5. Shin splints
  6. Sciatica
  7. Hamstring strain
  8. Tennis elbow
  9. Golf elbow
  10. Shoulder injuries
  11. Knee injuries

    For some of these injuries, like the concussion, you'll want to see a doctor. Clear Koala doesn't help against concussions, however it has been reported to help with headaches associated with concussion. For other minor injuries, spray as much as you want to take away or minimize the pain. Clear Koala is consistently used and reportedly super effective on the following injuries.

    1. Groin pull
    2. Sciatica
    3. Hamstring pain
    4. Tennis elbow
    5. Golf elbow
    6. Shoulder injuries
    7. Ankle injuries
    8. Some knee injuries

      For these type injuries, it's natural to feel some inflammatory pain. Spraying Clear Koala when you receive these injuries, will allow the natural ingredients to be absorbed in your skin. It will be easier to “walk off” most of these minor injuries. Clear Koala wants to make sure your game is as painless as possible.

      What about arthritis pain?
      Clear Koala works on inflammatory pain associated with many types of arthritis. Like with all sports injuries, simply spray the affected area and let your body absorb the natural ingredients. In no time, you will begin feeling the soothing, long lasting relief. Should you feel you need to use more later in the day, simply reapply. There's no limit to how much Clear Koala you can use. Assuming you are not allergic or have sensitivity to any of the ingredients, there are no known side effects using this product.
      NOTE: If you're pregnant or under six years old, it is suggested that you consult a doctor before using Clear Koala.

      Why should you invest in a bottle of Clear Koala?

      If you're spending a large part of the day in pain and flare-ups hold you back from doing the things you like to do and arthritis is at its worst, you could have a difficult time walking or grabbing things. That kind of pain regularly can take a toll on a person. Clear Koala customers have reported a better quality of life using this amazing product.

      Injuries can keep you from enjoying your favorite sports. If left unchecked, it could even prevent you from ever playing the game again. Going through a rehabilitation program for a more severe injury and building up strength can be just as painful as the injury itself. Clear Koala wants to give you temporary relief from these painful situations. Clear Koala doesn't promise to be a total solution for these painful injuries, but simply a way for you to feel relief temporarily or long term. The company works hard to find only the best natural ingredients to put in their products and give their customers the best relief a person could probably have.

      When you invest in a bottle of Clear Koala, you will also receive a refillable 2 ml travel kit as a free bonus. Should pain flare up while you're on the move, you can quickly treat the affected area. It also is effective on insect bites so carrying the small bottle in your pocket or purse allows relief regardless of where you are or what the source of your pain is.

      On the Clear Koala Amazon page, customers rave about the different ways Clear Koala helped them throughout their day. One customer raved about how it helped swollen feet. Another customer talked about how it made it easier to do their day-to-day tasks because of the relief they felt from their arthritis pain. One more customer talks about how their company always makes sure to have a bottle of Clear Koala at the workplace in case anyone has an injury on the job. All of the customers would recommend Clear Koala for even the most common everyday aches and pains.

      If you're someone that suffers from everyday aches and pains, or someone prone to minor injuries from their favorite sports, you need to give Clear Koala a try. The moment it's absorbed into your skin, it works immediately to help you relieve your inflammatory pain. When you see for yourself how fast Clear Koala works to rid you of pain, you won't want to go without it. It's highly recommended by anyone who uses it. Give it a try today! Once you feel that instant relief you'll be glad you tried Clear Koala.