Unfortunately, carpal tunnel syndrome risks are all too common in modern workplaces. Carpal tunnel syndrome is something that we all need to be aware of if we regularly use a computer or are at risk of repetitive strain injury. Those repetitive motions can lead to compression in the nerves and the wrists as tendons become inflamed. In turn, this typically creates numbness and or weakness resulting in difficulties carrying out your daily tasks. It is important to recognize inflammation in the wrists early on and treat it appropriately to avoid the progression of carpal tunnel syndrome. Here are some tips on some preventative methods and natural solutions for pain relief.

You are probably reading this from a desktop, laptop or device that you use regularly. Perhaps you are on a short work break having just typed up a long report or dealt with a lot of programming. Repetitive strain injuries are a big risk for those that work at computers every day. In fact, any profession that relies on the same types of hand motions time and time again comes with risks. It doesn’t help when we start getting aggressive with our work and typing to meet stressful deadlines. If you are concerned about pain in your wrists and the risk of carpal tunnel, consider the following options.

1) Exercise your wrists often.

Carpal tunnel syndrome worsens when the wrists tighten up in the same positions with repetitive strain. One of the best things that you can do is to take breaks at your desk to exercise the wrists and stretch out those tendons. Contract your hand into a fist and then stretch the fingers out against the desk. Do this at least 10 times in a row at regular intervals during the day.

2) Take longer breaks away from your keyboard.

Sometimes you need a little longer than a 30-second stretching break to rest up. Regular breaks away from your work can give your tendons and muscles time to relax. This then reduces the chance of the disorder becoming even more painful and chronic. Where possible, keep your wrist in a straight, relaxed position during this time.

3) Wrist braces and keyboard wrist support pads.

Use a keyboard wrist support or wear a brace, or both if possible. If you already suffer from regular pain in your wrist as you type or during other repetitive tasks, a supportive brace might be the best approach. These braces and supports force your wrist into that neutral position so you don’t have to worry about aggravating those tendons too much as you work. You can also wear the brace as you sleep to stop any unconscious flexing and tension during the night.

4) Keeping your wrists warm.

Inflammation often responds well to heat. A hot compress on an injury can reduce the swelling and pain to help achieve your tasks more easily. You might even consider wearing tighter sleeves or fingerless gloves for a little extra warmth as you work.

But what if rest and a brace aren’t practical?

These methods are all helpful for reducing the impact and risk of carpal tunnel. But, what if you just can’t avoid this sort of repetition in your work? It is all well and good telling people to avoid repetitive strain and to rest, but this isn’t practical when you have a major deadline at work. If prevention isn’t an option here, you need to look at ways of easing the pain and inflammation in the wrist. Regular short-term treatment methods can help to minimize the risk of greater damage to the area.


Natural treatment methods vs. pharmaceutical treatment.

Whenever possible, it is always a good option to explore solutions with natural ingredients rather than pharmaceutical drugs. Over-the-counter pharmaceutical products can contain a whole host of ingredients, some of which are highly effective and others that are totally unnecessary for every condition. Why subject your body to a man made compound that it doesn’t need? We are now aware opioid painkillers for example, often have damaging long-term effects and may also become addictive. Your carpal tunnel treatments may also increase in frequency and become on going if using your wrist becomes unavoidable.

Many people today prefer to look for natural solutions that don’t come with hidden ingredients or present other health risks. When it becomes apparent that treatment could become long term, then it is best to simplify the process as much as possible. One way to do so is to add topical solutions to the wrist where active ingredients can soak into the tendons and muscles and ease inflammation and tension.

Example of these effective natural ingredients for carpal tunnel include:

1) Eucalyptus: full of antioxidants and other components for inflammation and antiseptic properties.

2) Aloe Vera: a common ingredient for soothing skin

3) Vitamin E: an essential anti-inflammatory agent that can also moisturize the skin

4) Jojoba: An inflammation aid that is also great for fungal treatments and anti-ageing.

5) Grape Seed: Grape seeds have far more healing properties than is practical to list here. They are also an amazing antioxidant, increase blood flow, aid in preventing infection and skin healing on cuts and open wounds.

Here’s the good news… there is a natural product on the market that provides these great benefits.

Because it contains all of the ingredients listed above, Clear Koala is a definite consideration to aid in carpal tunnel treatment. Clear Koala spray contains these active ingredients for fast-acting relief from carpal tunnel pain. For a most effective treatment, we recommend warming your wrist for a little while with a hot compress to open the pores and then spray the solution on to the affected area and then massage it in. An additional benefit of this particular product is that the bottles come in various sizes. The 4oz bottle is the best dollar value. The 2oz is perfect for taking on trips through airport security, and each bottle comes with a refillable 2ml spray bottle to keep with you for daily needs such as short trips, sporting events hiking or biking and a host of other activities where muscle strain may prevent you for enjoying the activity to it’s fullest. By all means… take a bottle to work so it is by your desk whenever you need it. The spray is also effective when inhaled through a warm damp cloth for sinusitis as well as a spray for tendon pain and irritation in other areas.

Don’t put up with the pain and discomfort of carpal tunnel to get through your day and risk long-term damage to your wrists. Always pay attention to your symptoms and act before things get worse. Rest your wrists when you aren’t at work. Spray them with Clear Koala before, during and after activity to avoid injury. In the event of an injury, apply it immediately and then again as needed especially if the pain becomes intense.