Make your own vitamins! That’s right, make them yourself. It’s not difficult. It does however require some basic math skills, a couple of inexpensive tools and a little knowledge of what it is you want to take. Nothing more than that, it’s that easy.

During the Covid “Pandemic”, building and boosting our immune systems is an important way to ward off this nasty bug. Prevention is the key. The health experts are telling us to wear masks, wash our hands frequently and do not touch our faces or rub our eyes.

While concentrating on these preventative habits is good, it’s not all you can do to protect yourself. You should also be doing things like eating right, get adequate rest, drink lots of water and stay hydrated. In addition to all these common sense habits (that we tend to ignore all too frequently) we should also pay attention to supplementing our bodies with vitamins and minerals, along with substances that are either lacking in our bodies or are being quickly depleted.

I myself have a pretty strong immune system and rarely come down with anything nasty, but I also supplement daily. As is evident in my blogs and emails, I prefer all natural products. Many commercially manufactured vitamin and mineral supplements have fillers and other things in them. I prefer to know exactly what I am taking, so I make my own.

Just as there are many ways of taking supplements (liquid, pills or capsules), there are various ways of making them as well. One of my favorite ways is in capsules. They are simple to make and simple to take and you can buy the raw vitamins and capsules in bulk at a fraction of the cost of over the counter products.

There are a few (one time purchase) tools you will need to get started.

  1. A scale (you need to measure grams and milligrams)
  2. Mixing container
  3. Capsule machine(s).

Bulk vitamin set up

You may even want to have a couple of capsule machines for different size gel capsules. I use 2 sizes… “0” and “00”. The machines are cheap, and are simple and easy to use, and clean and are very durable.

First…develop your recipe. I use vitamin C, chaga and vitamin D3 in one “00” (700 mg) capsule. My machine makes 24 capsules at a time, so each ingredient at the desired quantity per day x 24 capsules and Wa La… Pour them in the machine, press down on the top and you have a capsule with everything you need for the day!

Now… This also takes some research or your part. I made lots of notes and at times when first starting, felt a little overwhelmed. For example… there are certain vitamins and minerals that should not be mixed together. DO YOUR RESEARCH!

You can also choose capsule sizes to fit the need. You do not want to add fillers, so if you only need to take a small amount of something, and don’t want to mix it with something else, or need to take it at different times (some you might want to take with food or some on an empty stomach) you will want to plan for that. Again do the research and determine what is right for you.

Capsule Sizes:

Capsule sizes

Capsules are also available in both vegan and non-vegan.


I have chosen as my supplier, a company called Pure Bulk. They provide a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, have all the tools and capsules available, and have a 3rd party laboratory test all their products for quality and purity before packaging and sending your order. They will also upon request send a COA (certificate of analysis) on each item you purchase.

Because I find them to be trustworthy, have received great vitamins and great shipping times, even during Covid. I have elected to become an affiliate.

If you want to make your own vitimins how you want them, Click here and you will automatically get you 10% off your purchase.

Please look seriously at how easy and how inexpensive making your own supplements can be. It’s just one more way to help protect your health and the ones you love… and don’t forget to always have a bottle of Clear Koala on hand.