I’ve often wondered why people experience pain of all types. Pain is actually a good thing when it tells you not to move or do things that irritate or re-injure something. In fact pain is just that, a reminder to change or alter a behavior. The body is an amazing machine… it tells you when things are right by functioning at peak performance, it warns you when things may be changing for the worse, and tells you when things are definitely not right.

Not only does it self-diagnose, it has the ability to reverse and repair many things if we were listening and take the right actions. It tells us so many things, yet even in a time of advanced medicine, we tend to misread or mistreat the symptoms. Rather than learning to read the symptoms and let the body deal with the actual problem, modern medicine has created ways to mask the pain.

Don’t get me wrong… if you break a leg, the first place you want to go is the emergency room. An x-ray will tell the doctor what to do to correct it and masking the pain at that point is a welcoming option. What happens however when the body is just constantly reminding you something is wrong? Going to the hospital may be the right course of action, but in the case of a good friend of mine, he was admitted multiple times, and sent home with a bag of pills that did not correct anything, just made him rummy while still experiencing pain.

Finally we got him to a medical facility where they found the problem. The pain in his stomach was ulcers. The medications he was given was suspected to be the cause and they reduced a 2 page list of medications to only 5 pills, and he immediately started feeling like his old self, the pain did not completely go away, but was considerably reduced, and the healing process began.

My point in telling you this story is that my friend’s body was telling him something he did not hear. Even a hospital full of medically trained doctors and staff could not see or hear what his body was crying out for. The lesson in this is listen to your body, it knows what it’s telling you! Make sure to accurately convey all information to any health care professional, be it an alternative medicine practitioner or medical doctor. You need to monitor the way you feel, keep friends or loved ones informed as well as your healer. Managing your health is not always easy, but you are the best judge of your condition. The body knows how to heal itself; sometimes it just needs the right help. Notice I said the “right” help. Once things progress too far, there may be no turning back.

Be proactive and listen carefully! It can affect the rest of your life!