Are you suffering from inflammatory pain? Unfortunately, when inflammation occurs, sometimes even strong medicines may not offer the relief you need or desire. People of all ages experience inflammatory pain. It can happen to seniors that have arthritis and tendinitis, otherwise fit and healthy middle aged people at work or young people, suffering from sports injuries. Over the last several decades, we have been programmed to take well-known, name brand medicines and expect great results. Somehow we forgot about the power of “natural” medicine. There are many contradictory opinions when it comes to both natural and pharmaceutical healing. The truth is, long before modern science, people treated pain and sickness with different plants. Today's trend toward the return to natural medicine is bringing back this practice. Today’s natural healing is available to us in the form of herbal products, food supplements, plant extracts, capsules, tea bags, etc. You should realize that in many cases it is not necessary to take strong prescription medicines, because they often bring undesirable side effects that may potentially prove harmful to your health. Natural products contain fewer dangerous chemicals, so they are less likely to cause irritation and allergies or interact adversely with something else you may be taking. You should always keep in mind, your health should always come first, and you should definitely consider looking into “time tested” natural medicine.

Natural Healing

Natural products can offer you numerous benefits, no matter what type of healthcare you need. Natural products tend to identify and treat the illness itself or often the underlying causes, rather than suppressing unpleasant symptoms, which is more typical for pharmaceutical drugs. Natural supplements do not typically cause side effects. If they do they are usually mild and go away easily. One of the main goals in practicing today’s natural medicine is to remove pharmaceutical drugs from your regimen. Many drugs today take time to dissipate out of the body and often cause addictions that are hard to overcome. Not only do natural products work to heal your illness or relieve pain, they can often improve your overall health and well being as well. They do this by strengthening your body and its immune system so that it is able to fight off things like infections. Natural medicine products typically create a healthy environment, enhance digestion and promote good gut health. Moreover, taking natural supplements has been known to improve your mood and endurance. Those that study natural medicine always strive to find out what makes you sick and what your body needs so that it can function properly. The body most often knows how to heal itself and sometimes… just needs the right help.

Pharmaceutical Healing

Taking prescriptions and over the counter medications has become a regular part of many people's daily routines. Pharmaceutical drugs have their special place in our society and we all know there are serious diseases people would die from if it were not for prescription drugs. Although they can make us often feel better quickly, it is important to know that most prescription drugs also have their risks. Sometimes, medications can result in serious misuses, dependency or addiction. Pharmaceutical drugs also have lots of essential benefits such as curing infections, relieving severe pain or lowering high blood pressure. But there is always a risk that something unexpected can happen should you decide to use them. Some medications can cause mild side effects like upset stomach or nausea, but others can lead to more serious consequences such as damage of your liver. No matter how effective they are, most prescription drugs may not offer a long-term solution to your problems. It is true they often make your life easier when you suffer from short-term illness, but you need to decide for yourself whether the risks are worth it. There are people that become so addicted to their medications that they can't imagine living without them.

Natural Products

Nowadays, there are various natural products on the market; you just need to find the ones that best suit your needs. For example, if you experience inflammatory pain and nothing has helped you so far, Clear Koala might be the perfect solution to your problem. This product is rich in antioxidants and has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties. This formula combines 5 key natural ingredients. When these ingredients are combined to work together, they become extremely powerful and able to relieve inflammatory pain. In some instances they are even able to improve your circulation and skin condition. Once you try this product you may notice that your skin starts feeling rejuvenated and relaxed after application. We have been told by our customers that Clear Koala has aided in relieving joint pain, irritated nerves, sore muscles, skin irritation and rashes as well as bug bites. Because this unique product contains a highly refined and high quality eucalyptus oil, it is has been said to be effective for stiffness and sinus head and chest congestion. Users of Clear Koala either spray or use the roll on to directly apply it the affected area and repeat application several times if needed. Typical results are relief lasting up to 4 hours; and many have had it last days or even weeks. You may add it to a hot bath or your vaporizer so that it makes your breathing easier and minimizes coughing.

Clear Koala's Natural Ingredients

The product's natural ingredients have incredible anti-inflammatory properties. Clear Koala contains eucalyptus, which is a growing evergreen tree and its oil can be used as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and possesses a healing vapor quality. Eucalyptus leaves contain tannins and plant-based antioxidants, so they are used successfully to treat inflammation. Another essential ingredient of Clear Koala is the grape seed oil. Grape seeds are also rich in antioxidants and able to treat many ailments. Clear Koala also contains Jojoba plant extract, which can soothe and moisturize your skin, treat infections and possesses wonderful anti-inflammatory qualities. Clear Koala also contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Aloe Vera is probably the most well known ingredient and has always been popular for its soothing and antibacterial properties as well. Aloe Vera gels are most commonly used to heal wounds and relieve sunburn. Incidentally, people are now making delicious Aloe Vera juices too. Vitamin E fights the free radicals, moisturizes the skin, prevents inflammation and supports the immune system functions. These natural ingredients might be beneficial by themselves, but are considerably more effective when they work together. This combination of key ingredients often delivers great results in a short amount of time.

Natural healing alternatives are generally a good choice over pharmaceutical drugs.  Especially if not used as the sole treatment of a serious disease, properly diagnosed by a qualified physician or health professional. More and more doctors today are becoming more open minded to natural healing, and will consult with and monitor you as you choose to use alternatives. Herbs can have amazing health benefits and prevent you from experiencing unpleasant side effects or complications in the treatment of your condition. Chronic inflammatory pain is often a result of many things. Don’t be hesitant to try the remedies natural medicine offers these days. A word to the wise… always consult a qualified natural health practitioner anytime you need further information or have doubts if alternative, natural treatment may be right for you.