Here are some great hints on relieving leg and foot pain.

Melt that Tension Away

Anyone that has worked on concrete floors already knows that familiar feeling-- sore feet, aching legs, and that killer back pain. This discomfort creates tension in the body, and can seriously hamper productivity. Fortunately, there's no need for harsh medication that can add even more problems to the list. Some people see their sore joints and inflammatory pain as inevitable, and give up on finding an effective treatment that puts a spring back in their step. Whether you stand on your feet all day or work on hard, concrete surfaces, you don't have to suffer. Relief is possible no matter what your situation is.

Natural Pain Relief

Take a look at the news and you'll see how pain management is becoming a crisis in the country. Opioid addictions are at an all time high, and researchers are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of taking such heavy medications. Some people begin taking pain medications only to find they need more in order to relieve the pain. The great thing is; powerful, natural remedies exist that can relieve your pain without all the harsh side effects. Our brand, Clear Koala, specializes in a proprietary blend that is proven to be successful in reducing many types of inflammatory pain. Thousands of customers rely on us to erase their daily pain without having to resort to addictive medication.

Some Helpful Hints

Combining all natural, soothing pain relief like Clear Koala along with these go-to tips will help create an effective pain management plan that often gets outstanding results. Whether you spend long hours at the gym or need something to take the stress off from work, it's best to start thinking ahead of time. Here are 8 tips that can help restore those sore joints and reduce your inflammatory pain so that you can keep on going with your day.

1. Investing in Proper Footwear

Buying shoes today is much different than it was 40-50 years ago. Back in the day, there were “shoe stores”. They sold nothing but shoes, they may have been brand specific or carried multiple brands, never the less, all their focus was selling shoes. Salespeople were trained to measure your feet for length, width and arch. Today, big box stores and a hand full of brand specific outlet type stores seem to sell more of a “one size fits most”. It’s difficult to find a narrow width, and arch support or while standing, the natural spread of your foot seem to be considered when purchasing shoes. Sales people today may be helpful finding you a shoe in a specific style, ring up you up at the register, but know very little about fit. Finding a functional shoe that supports your weight properly may greatly reduce fatigue and pain. If foot, leg and back pain impact your quality of life, taking the time to learn for yourself how to select a proper fitting shoe will be time well spent.

2. Investing in Insoles

A little known fact is that back and joint pain often starts in the feet. While exerting your back or lifting heavy items can certainly "throw" your back out, doctors have discovered that some common feet issues can throw the whole body off alignment and create long-lasting back pain. A fantastic remedy for this is some high quality insoles. Don't just settle for inexpensive “off the shelf” insoles you can pick up at the store. You'll most likely want to go to a podiatrist or custom insole center. They'll design insoles that will support your feet, that are tailored for your specific body and concentrate where you need it most, and ultimately keep your whole body in alignment. This can significantly reduce your pain, and coupled with a soothing, healing spray like Clear Koala, you'll notice a huge improvement in your day.

3. Stretch It Out

We typically do stretches before intense physical activity, like exercise. People don't think of doing stretches or yoga before work, and that's when they need it most! While your job might not seem too intense, especially if you're just standing on concrete floors without any other physical activity, it still takes a toll on your body. Stretching before work (or even during!) will help loosen your joints and prepare your muscles for the work to come. When we stand on concrete floors, we're constantly contracting our muscle fibers to help support the body, and this can take a toll on you. It's important to relax the muscles before or after this, which you can do with some light stretching and Clear Koala. Clear Koala is an all natural, topical pain remedy that can help unwind the tension in your muscles with a few small sprays. This boosts recovery and prepares the body in advance, saving you pain both now and in the long run.

4. Roll your foot on a ball or cylinder

This will sometimes hurt while doing it, but feels really good afterwards. I found yoga balls to be the most effective, but there are other rolling devices as well. When a roller or yoga ball is not available, golf and tennis balls work well in a pinch. Simply put a comfortable amount of weight on the ball or roller and roll the foot back and forth over it. When using a ball, roll in one direction a couple of times, then roll in a different direction, finishing with rolling around in a circle. Like I said, it may hurt a little, but the end result feels wonderful.

5. Ankles and Feet Pain

If you don't have time to stretch at work, you might benefit from some ankle rolls. Anyone can do this, especially if they have to stand often at work. Simply lifting one foot off the ground and rolling the ankle in circular motions will help start moving blood and shake off some pain.Circulation is a critical component to reducing pain. You should stimulate the areas affected in some way to promote blood flow, which will help bring your muscles back to status quo. Try rubbing your ankles or back, and opt for a soothing spray to draw out the pain and stimulate the body to repair itself.

6. Heat or Ice?

The great debate is whether to heat or ice your wound. The answer is easier than you think: both! Studies have shown that the most effective way to manage pain and heal injuries faster is to alternate heat and ice. If you apply a heated patch to an area, you should follow up with an ice pack for an equal amount of time. This method works by relaxing the muscle and allowing cells to repair themselves, and using cool temperatures to numb the pain and reduce inflammation. Apply some topical spray on your affected area before using heat and ice to maximize your results.

7. Here's Why Baths Are Underrated

Another effective method of heat therapy is to take a bath. Baths are great because they apply soothing, even heat to all angles of an injury. This helps reduce inflammation from every angle. Muscles work in groups, so it makes sense that you want to treat the entire area, not just the place you feel pain. Baths help do this by treating the body with even relief. Pain relieving spray, like Clear Koala, works in a similar fashion. Because it's a spray, you get both targeted relief on your area of choice, but also even, soothing comfort over the entire area. An over the counter pain reliever might not even touch your specific area of pain, and a prescription pain reliever might create more side effects than relief.

8. The Science Behind Massage

We've shown that pressure can be useful for treating wounds, injuries, sore joints, and more. Massaging is the direct form of that. It's particularly useful in reducing inflammation in the joints.That's important, as letting inflammation build up in the joints over time can lead to further problems like arthritis, osteoporosis, and need for joint replacement. To massage an area of your body, take some soothing, pain relieving spray like Clear Koala and rub it over the affected area. Gently knead in circular motions to help absorb the blend into the skin and penetrate the muscles.

9. Why Athletes Use Compression Therapy

Have you ever seen those people at the gym with knee braces on, or strange bits of tape on their joints? They're all using compression therapy to naturally manage their inflammatory pain. When we compress the joints, we're helping reduce inflammation and stimulate oxygen and blood flow to the areas. It provides some extra strength and rigidity to the area, which is great for preventing further injury.Using compression products is a great supplement to your regular natural pain reliever.

10. Yes, Elevate It!

If you've ever been to the doctor for an injury, chances are you've heard the directions to "elevate!" Elevation, while somewhat of an inconvenience, is actually super effective in helping pain. Even if you aren't injured, elevating a limb prevents blood from pooling in the affected areas and greatly manages inflammatory pain. Inflammation isn't your best friend when it comes to pain. If you want to get better faster, be sure to elevate your feet or joints in addition to combating your injury with an effective pain reliever. 

11. To Move or Not to Move?

Over the years, we have all received conflicting advice, should we "walk it off" and try to keep moving when we have sore muscles or should we rest instead? Determining the right course of action depends on the specific kind of injury or soreness you have. When it comes to back pain, resting can actually make things worse and put more pressure on your spine. Most often, it's best to do some light exercise or stretches to realign the spine and soothe the muscles. On the other hand, rest is critical for foot, knee, and arm pain. Using these joints can further your inflammatory pain and create a serious injury, which you might need surgery for.

Why not try an all-natural topical pain reliever?

At Clear Koala, we've developed a product that is defining new standards in the health industry. Our formula features a blend of five stimulating ingredients and starts treating your pain at the source and relaxes irritated nerves and muscle fibers. Natural doesn't mean ineffective--it means better for you. Clear Koala will become the new highlight in your medicine cabinet. There's no need for over the counter pain relievers that contain side effects and chemicals your body doesn’t need. Clear Koala works and is great for the body, helping manage your pain without the serious side effects. You Deserve the Best! If you work on concrete floors, don't accept being miserable. There are plenty of options out there for you. Combine all natural pain relief with any of these helpful tips to get long lasting, effective relief. Your body deserves the most, and that means letting go of all those harsh chemicals that can damage your organs and fill your body with toxins. Opt for Clear Koala instead to restore the body with all natural, clean ingredients that work even better.