The world around us continues to change. Things seem to be changing more rapidly as time goes by. Being that I am somewhat of a history buff, I was reading an article on a man named Dr. Royal Rife. It’s a fascinating study and can be found at

Dr. Rife was a pioneer in frequency healing in the 1930’s. His theories were not widely accepted back in the day, and much of his research has disappeared over the last 90 years. Phillip Hoyland, Dr. Rife’s design engineer protected the technology by not even telling Dr. Rife himself how the machines worked, because frequency itself is public domain and was not able to be patented. While this did protect the technology, it also kept the discoveries secret, and much of this died with the inventors.

According to the article, Dr. Rife never intended his machines to be a medical treatment. They were however clinically shown to kill disease causing microorganisms by exposing them to brief bursts of radio frequency. Dr. Rife worked with audio frequency, but as science has shown us today, everything has a resonant frequency, and frequency extends into light bands as well as sub-audio ranges. We are learning more about frequencies all the time.

Right after WWII and into the early 1950’s research resumed with frequency machines, however, it never really gained traction, or so it appears. Over the last few years there have been rumors about non-invasive healing machines. Types of machines that help restore the body. They have appeared in many science fiction movies and TV series in different forms and under different names, but operated by the use of light or sound waves. In the 2013 movie Elysium, staring Jodi Foster and Matt Damon, they were referred to as “med beds”. It is thought provoking to think that this technology is either on the horizon or already exists in some form.

We have all heard for years that a cure for diseases like cancer actually might already exist, but has been held at bay all in the name of profit. Now I want to be careful here… we are approaching a controversial subject and it is not my intention to go there. Just think though… If what Dr. Rife hit on almost a century ago has any merit, what could the future hold for healing?