Clear Koala is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. Our formula’s 5 key ingredients work together to deeply penetrate your muscles and joints to relieve inflammatory pain and improve circulation. Your skin will feel rejuvenated and relaxed after application.

How to Use

Joint Pain, Irritated Nerves, Sore Muscles and Tendons:

For maximum results, apply a warm, moist cloth to the affected area for approximately 3 minutes before applying 3 to 6 sprays.
Stuffiness due to sinus head and chest congestion and seasonal airborne irritants:

Sprinkle a few drops onto a cloth or cotton pad. Inhale the vapors through the nose and exhale through the mouth for 1 minute. Do NOT spray into the nose; breathe in the vapors directly.

Foot Soak (Pain in the heel or foot joints, tendon, muscle and nerve discomfort):

Apply 2 sprays to a bowl of warm water or on the affected area, then soak feet for instant relief.
Chronic Pain:

Apply 3 times on the first day, then twice a day for the next 10 days. After 10 days, use after a shower when needed.
Body Soak:

Apply 3 sprays to warm bath water or on the body, then soak.
Non-Open Sores or Blisters:

Apply 1 spray to a cotton swab, then apply the swab directly to the affected area several times throughout the day.
Skin Irritations, Rashes, and Insect Bites:

Spray directly onto the affected area. Repeat application several times as needed.

Apply 2 sprays directly into your vaporizer. This should make breathing easier and often immediately helps to minimize coughing.


"I've had a very painful toe for years. I used the spray for 10 days, and the pain diminished. Now the pain is completely gone, and it’s been two months since I used the spray.”
— Linda Wishart, Customer

"I've been using Clear Koala for about six weeks now. I use it every night. I get a long night’s sleep, whereas I used to wake up every hour on the hour in tremendous pain. I don’t do that anymore. My wife, some friends, and I went out to dinner, and I was introduced to Clear Koala. I have extreme pain in my shoulders. I sprayed it on, and halfway through the dinner, I could raise my arms up for the first time in four days. I thought, ‘Wow, I’ve got movement!’ By the end of dinner, I was in no pain whatsoever. I also put it on my hands because I work in construction. It gets me through the day. Clear Koala has helped my life 150 percent. It’s an awesome pain reliever, and it lasts a long time."
— John Wagner, Customer