What will the spray cure?

While many people have experienced positive, long-term results, the spray is a pain reliever. Results are typically temporary. We do not claim it is a cure.

How do I apply it?

There are several ways to apply it. The most common method is spraying the affected area and massaging the spray in. In most cases, the oily feeling along with the eucalyptus odor will go away within 5 minutes or so. You may also spray it into a hot bath or foot soak, or you can spray it onto a warm, moist washcloth and work it in. Applying after a warm shower or bath has proven to be effective as well. Additionally, you can spray it onto a cotton ball, place the cotton ball below your nose, and inhale. This may provide relief of some sinus issues and headaches. Under no circumstances should Clear Koala be applied into the nose or ingested.

Can I use too much?

There are no restrictions on how often you can use it. However, the skin may be more sensitive in some areas. If skin irritation occurs, reduce the amount you apply or discontinue altogether until the area has cleared up. Should you choose to reapply, pay specific attention to how much you are using and how often. If irritation occurs again, discontinue use. The ingredients are all highly refined and natural, but you may be allergic to one of them. Contact a physician to determine if this is the case.

How long does a bottle last?

The 4-ounce bottle contains approximately 600 sprays. Depending on frequency of usage, the bottle can last a long time.

Does the product have a shelf life?

No. The laboratory that mixes the product pays specific attention to the blending process. The oils should never separate or become stale.

If I leave it in a hot or cold car, will it go bad?

While we do not recommend exposing it to extremely hot or cold conditions, we have not received reports of temperature affecting the product. Use common sense; store it in a cool place and minimize its exposure to extreme temperatures and sunlight.

What does it work on?

All bodies, as well as injuries, are different. Results will vary. Most customers experience some degree of relief within a few minutes, with longer-lasting, more noticeable results after continued use.

Which injuries is it most effective on?

It works with most inflammatory conditions. Pain caused by joint pain, inflamed tendons, or muscle pulls are the most common areas of relief. Use it on all areas of pain and see what works for you.  We are constantly surprised.

I am a runner and often experience leg pain. Can it help with that?

Yes, we have received multiple reports of the product relieving leg pain. Some customers have told us that applying it before a run may reduce or eliminate leg pain during or after a run.

It seems expensive; is it worth the price?

Yes. Each ingredient is a specific, highly refined oil obtained from the best sources around the world. The oils are also mixed in a professional laboratory with stringent standards. The 4-ounce bottle contains approximately 600 sprays, which equates to about a penny per spray. In comparison to pharmaceutical alternatives, it is cost-effective and does not have side effects (assuming you are not allergic to one of the oils).